Programs at our English School


Programs at our English School

In our English language school in Ottawa we have designed a curriculum which helps students to do both: develop their strengths and remedy their weaknesses in order to become fluent in English fast.

We offer a big variety of English courses necessary to achieve proficiency in the language. Our courses are unique, highly professional and mainly focused on developing communicative skills. In other words, all of our programs are geared towards developing speaking.

Our students can study grammar, pronunciation,conversation, CNN, TOEIC and TOEFL classes.

In our Grammar Class students can organize their knowledge and learn new rules which they can later use in speaking.

In our Pronunciation Class students can learn the correct pronunciation and the melody or intonation of English, which they can later use in speaking.

In our Conversation Class students can practice everything they know in speaking.

In our CNN Class students can learn how to pronounce more difficult sentences, which again they can later use in speaking.

Finally, our students who take TOEIC/TOEFL Classes get high test scores.

Learn about why we recommend our unique programs and why you should learn English step by step to achieve PROFICIENCY.