CNN News Class


CNN News / Advanced Accent Reduction Class

It is the most advanced Pronunciation, Listening, Grammar and Speaking class there is. In our English language school students watch CNN news and then analyze it with the teacher. In other words, it is an in-depth analysis of fast or normal speech. If you join this class we guarantee that you will not only start to understand TV more but you will also start to speak like a native speaker. You will learn what native speakers do when they speak fast and you will discover why it is difficult to understand native speakers when speaking fast or normal speed.
The class is also very interesting in terms of its contents – we analyze and discuss the daily news from around the world! It is a very popular course among young professionals, diplomats and government officials. After a few months, most students achieve the level of PROFICIENCY.

And by the way, because this class is so advanced it makes TOEIC and TOEFL listening sections of the test very easy.

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