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In our Ottawa English language school students learn English fast because they study everything they need to know about English grammar.
Our English school in Ottawa offers a systematic, structured and well-organized course in practical English grammar. Our students learn all aspects of sentence structure in English from the beginning till the end of the process. No jumping. It is a chapter by chapter logical presentation of knowledge from the easiest to the most difficult level. In the beginning of a new chapter the teacher explains and makes sure every student understands everything. Students do and correct many exercises with the teacher. It is a lot of hard work, but it is effective because students who take this course learn how to use more difficult sentences or structures when they speak English.

Many students who come to our English language school say that they have already learned English grammar before, for example in their high schools, but they do not know how to use it. Therefore, we make sure that our students use the new grammar structures when they speak English.

In short, our practical English grammar class is an advanced speaking preparation course. It is also a university level analysis of the English language. And in our ESL school in Ottawa we do not correct just the grammar – we correct pronunciation and intonation at the same time!

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