Accent and Pronunciation

Aren’t you tired of hearing:

“Sorry?”, ”Pardon me?” or ”What did you say?” all the time???

Well, just come to class and we will expertly correct your pronunciation.

You will learn how to pronounce every English sound correctly and start understanding native speakers when they speak fast.

Did you know that “the schwa” is the most common sound in English? You can find it in words like for example: “about”, “forget” or “soda”.

Plus, learn the difference between:

  • “seat” and “sit”
  • “bad” and “bed”
  • “bank” and “bunk”
  • “body” and “buddy”
  • “work” and “walk”
  • “soot” and “suit”
  • “low” and “law”

and many more!

Other examples of what we teach include:

  • discover the two ways to pronounce “-ing” endings
  • pronounce both “th” sounds correctly as in “breathe” and “breath
  • practice /r/ and /l/ sounds: “beer” and “bill
  • learn about the different North American flaps as in “water” , “give it away”, “little” pronounced / liddle/
  • find out the truth about the “h” sound”
  • learn to say difficult words such as: “world”, “coke”, “particularly”“ litter/liter”, “hospital” “laboratory” “three” “further/farther /father”
  • discover the true difference between “kitchen” and “chicken”

We will also teach you intonation -the melody and rhythm of English. There are actually three main melodies in North America…

And last but not least, learn how to link sounds when you speak fast. Think about how native speakers pronounce: “a cup of tea” when they speak slowly and what they really do when they speak fast. It is just one easy example…

So, find out about your weakest pronunciation points, fix your accent and start having normal conversations with English people within just a few weeks.

We are now offering two sessions: day time and evenings. Day time session takes about eight weeks. The evening intensive course is just six weeks long.

And by the way, seats are going fast and the number of students per class is limited so please email or call us today to book your free trial lesson.

Our dedicated, educated and highly experienced teachers at our English language school strongly believe that every ESL student in the world needs this kind of a class, especially in the beginning of the learning process.

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