Grammar and pronunciation first, speaking second?

” I will learn all the grammar and pronunciation rules first and then I will start to use them in speaking. Is this the right way to learn English???”

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  1. Greg says:

    No, it’s not. It is one of our students’ most common mistakes.

    After you learn a new grammar or pronunciation rule, you should start to use it immediately (preferably the same day) when you speak to someone in real life situations or in conversation class.

  2. Monica says:

    Really Greg? It’s amasing, I didn’t know.
    Can I have one question?
    Can I learn speaking if I don’t take grammar class? I think it’s o.k..? What do you think Greg?

    • Greg says:

      Hi Monica!!!

      How are you? I hope you are doing alright.

      The answer is yes you can. But the whole learning process will be very slow and most likely you will be using just simple structures. It will also be more difficult for you to correct your grammar mistakes when you speak because you won’t know the rules. So, yes you will improve speaking but just a little bit, not as much as you could. As a result, you won’t be too fluent.

      By the way, it’s not amasing but “amazing”,
      and I would say: “Can I ask a question, not “Can I have a question”


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