Our Main Goal


Our Main Goal

In our English language school in Ottawa we understand that students are very serious about learning English and stay for a short period in Canada. Therefore, we feel responsible for our students’ language development and our main goal is to provide professional services to students who want to learn English in the fastest, most efficient and economical way.

We love English and we love teaching it – it is our hobby and passion. Thus, in our class we work hard to achieve our goals which are the following:

  • show and give our passion to our students: we believe that if people like something they learn faster and better.
  • teach everything our students need to know to become fluent in English
  • correct all mistakes: grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary etc. We want to make sure that our students stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again when they speak
  • teach our students how to understand native speakers when they speak fast
  • develop five basic language skills: grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking
  • create a friendly atmosphere in the class, making our students feel more comfortable to speak better.
  • maximize the learning process so that in our English school students learn very fast

So if you join our school we promise you will:

  • learn to use your skills such as: grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary etc. when you speak
  • speak more to a teacher who will be correcting all your mistakes
  • build on your vocabulary
  • organize your knowledge
  • discover the differences in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary between American English, British English and your mother tongue
  • learn why native speakers may misunderstand you when you speak English
  • learn to understand native speakers when they speak English fast
  • learn to speak English fast and correctly like a native speaker
  • experience a relaxed and enjoyable studying atmosphere
  • make many friends and have lots of fun in Canada
  • achieve a level of PROFICIENCY in English

Oh, and by the way, no probs if you forget something ‘cause we have all the necessary school supplies such as: paper, pens, pencils, staples, erasers… and when you get thirsty from speaking so much, you can enjoy free tea or freshly brewed coffee!

So come for a trial lesson, it’s free for every course we offer!!!

We’ll have lots of fun!