Hi there! My name in Alessandro and I’m from Italy.

I attended grammar and pronunciation class for 4 months at the Step by Step Language school. What makes this school special is the teaching method! I tried different language schools but SBS is unique. Greg can teach even the most difficult stuff in the easiest possible way. If you have weird questions or doubts about English language, Greg will be able to explain everything to you. My previous English teachers couldn’t do that when they explained new topics…

Thanks to the pronunciation class I could fix my mistakes fast, have conversations with native speakers and be successful in my job interview. If I hadn’t come to this school, I wouldn’t have understood my mistakes and, for sure, now I would speak incorrect English.

At Step by step I could also make a lot of friends from other countries, from many parts of the world and I hung out with them after school. In my opinion that’s the best way to practice what you’ve studied during the day.

Try this school and enjoy your stay in Canada!


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