Teaching Methods & Philosophy


Teaching Methods/Philosophy

In our English language school in Ottawa we strongly believe that the correct order of studying is absolutely essential to achieve fluency in a language and in anything that people study in life. The correct order of studying is the quickest and at the same time the most effective way to learn something. Our English course outline is clear and covers all the important aspects of studying a foreign language. Our curriculum is well-organized in steps so any student, no matter the level, can join at any time. In our English school we believe that steps are like goals and lead students to proficiency in a language.

We also pride ourselves in our teaching techniques. We strongly believe that the main purpose of studying grammar, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing is to learn how to speak English fluently. Therefore, in our English school we teach those practical skills so that students achieve PROFICIENCY in speaking.

In our opinion, teachers should correct all mistakes all the time. We make sure that our students do not repeat the same mistakes the next day. Therefore, we are proud of our hard-working teachers because they correct on average 200-300 mistakes per day!!!

And last but not least, we think that the relationship between the teacher and the student should be close, relaxed and not so formal. Therefore, in our ESL school in Ottawa we do not only teach English, we also socialize with students through many extra-curricular activities and events we offer.